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The Results Are In

This is part two of the article The Results Are In. In the last issue, we covered a lot of information about what potential customers want to see when they look to purchase a puppy, and what’s important to them. In this article we wanted to dive into Communication. How do our customers want to communicate, how often, and so forth. In this study we interviewed 220 people that have recently purchased a puppy, and following are the results:

When asked “Were you happy with your puppy purchasing experience?” 95% said Yes. That’s great! And think about the fact that if these 95% percent of happy customers are ever looking to add another puppy to their home, they will probably check back where they bought their first puppy. That’s why these next stats are very important.

Next question “When you first reach out to a breeder, which of the following communication methods would you like to see?”

50% “An informative email about all the details of purchasing and transitioning the new puppy.”

41% “An application for you to fill out that confirms that you are a good fit for the puppy.”

22% “No information needed unless I asked for it.”

This to me is eye opening! What this is telling us is that if we are not getting our potential customers all the information they need and want before they make their final decision, over 80% of the people feel like they’re not getting what they need.

And 41% of potential buyers actually want to fill out an application that makes sure the puppy they are looking to buy is a good fit! I’ve actually seen this play out in real life. Potential buyers want to feel as though they are earning the rights to purchasing a puppy from you. Also, if you require an application, that’s telling them that you care enough about their experience to be proactive.

“How often would you want to get a follow-up call, email, or text from the breeder?”

18% Weekly

36% Monthly

17% Yearly

35% None at all

According to what we learn here, the biggest percent of buyers want some kind of follow up. Below you’ll see how they want to be contacted, but over 65% of them want to stay in touch!

“How would you like to be contacted when following up”

54% Text

40% Email

30% Phone Call

What I’ve experienced and from what this study tells us, buyers want to be reminded to follow up but not pressured. For example, if we text or email, they can choose whether they would like to respond or just leave it. If we actually call them, they are more apt not to pick up the phone because they may not know who’s calling and why. 

The flip side to this is that some people want more than a digital reminder, they actually want to talk to a live person. Whichever way you choose to use to follow up can be fine, but this study shows us that just following up is important. 

To recap, consistent communication and follow up is important. You get to chose the method, frequency, etc, but set up a system that works for you. If you don’t have the ability to text or email, maybe have a list of questions and information ready for prospects when they first reach out. Or find a service like New Now Services 610-223-2008 that will do it for you. After the sale is made, I’ve found its nice to follow up within two days to see how the puppy has transitioned, and then maybe at least once more within the next few months.

And don’t forget to ask for pictures! Remember, the puppy you sold just joined a family, and the family members are super excited about it. If their experience with you as a breeder has been positive, they will want to send photos. Also, they make for great references for other prospects! So, with all of this information, we’ve decided to design an email that can be used and customized by any of you dog breeders out there. It’s an email that I’ve personally used, and with great success. 

In the next issue of TDJ, we’re going to release it, as well as the recap points we’ve gotten with the information we’ve collected.

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