Myth Buster

Popular Myth:

Genetic health testing is expensive, confusing, and a passing fad.

Actually, the above is false, and here’s some reasons why genetic health testing is actually a great idea!


#1.Your customers want it!

According to a recent study done by The Dog Journal, 79% of potential puppy buyers said genetic health is very important, and 35% of them said is it’s the most important part of their decision. That means if you’re not sure of your dog’s genetic health, you’re missing out on a large percent of prospective buyers.

#2. It’s simple!

Paw Print Genetics offers a simple cheek swab test at a very reasonable price that can test for all the known genetic diseases specific to your dog’s breed. They are easy to buy, easy to use, and Paw Print Genetics is available as a resource to offer support and clarity on the results.

#3.It works!

According to Dr. Robert Westra, from Paw Print Genetics, genetic health testing is here to stay. In fact, as technology evolves and more and more breeders test their dogs for genetic disorders and diseases, it’s possible to actually exterminate a genetic disorder or disease. He has actually seen this happen in real life, where a specific breed was susceptible to a genetic disease for that specific breed, and after extensive testing and careful breeding, the disease was literally exterminated.

#4.It affects the well-being of your breeding program!

Genetic health testing is an important part of your overall breeding program. Used in conjunction with other best breeding practices, genetic health testing can help you achieve optimal health in your puppies and dogs, which in turn makes happier customers, resulting in a better reputation and more success in general.

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