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For this issue of The Dog Journal’s Results section, we’re going to talk about something a little different! In issue two, we did a giveaway drawing, and on the entries, we asked two questions. Everyone that entered for the drawing needed to fill out the answers to the questions, and the answers that came back were so interesting we decided to share them with our readers.

What is your favorite breed of dog?

Here are the winners listed in order. Most of the participants were children or young adults, so the fact that the sporting, hunting, and active breeds were most popular doesn’t surprise me.

27 Australian Shepherds

27 Golden Retrievers

18 German Shepherds

18 Poodles

15 Border Collies

14 Red or Blue Heelers

14 Yorkies

11 Huskies

10 Labs

9 Jack Russels

7 Beagles

7 Boxers

6 Welsh Corgis

6 Bichons

5 Golden Doodles

5 Rat Terriers

5 Akitas

5 Frenchies

5 Bernese Mountain Dogs

5 Pomeranians

5 Maltese

What is your favorite part of TDJ?

Again, considering who our primary participants were, these results don’t surprise me completely. I really love the fact that we’ve got all of these young people taking an interest in dogs and dog breeding, and I love the way they’re thinking outside the box, and wanting to do different activities with their pets etc. Looks to me like we’ve got an interesting generation of dog breeders coming along!

81 Antler Shed Hunting 

30 The Right Fit 

27 Adventure 

26 Feature Breeder Ads 

21 Bird Dog Training 

17 Events 

15 Giveaway Page 

11 Round The Table 

7 Ads 

6 Panel Discussion 

3 CCC Article 

3 Customer Care 

2 Socializing 

2 Events Calendar

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