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Call In Luck Funnel:

The Four Types of Luck

Did you ever wonder why someone you know got so lucky? Have you ever thought “if only I would get so lucky?” Do you have a friend that seems to attract good luck?

This recorded call done by Matt Byler from the Investor’s Oasis discusses the 4 different kinds of luck and what it takes to attract and capitalize on it. The first part of the call has tax tips, news, etc. like all of his calls do, then the last half of the call is dedicated to the luck subject. Make sure to listen to this call, and learn how to make luck come looking for you!

Dial…………………….. 757-841-1184 

Pin……………………… 626762# 

Call Number ……….. 171# 

When Matt isn’t working his investment portfolio he loves hunting, hiking, camping with his boys, and spending time with friends that force growth


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