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PawTree Founder Roger Morgan

As part of our mission at The Dog Journal, we want to find reputable and solid companies and organizations within the industry that we can recommend to our readers. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to sit down and have an in-depth interview with Roger Morgan, the founder of pawTree. Read on to learn more about this amazing company!

Roger was in the pet industry for almost 10 years before starting his own line of pet products. It all began when he noticed people with pets wanted to do the right thing for them and their health but had no way of finding the proper information about their pet’s overall health. As we know, all pet parents try their best, but many don’t have the correct information in the pet nutrition arena. It’s hard to find accurate information and companies that do what’s actually best for our pets. It’s no secret that many companies cut corners or compromise proper nutritional ingredients in order to get a price point that will attract more customers. Roger, on the other hand, wanted to create pet food the right way and in a way that people could trust what they were feeding their loving fur babies. He wanted to create a pet brand that did not cut corners and took the pet’s health into complete consideration when creating the food, supplements, and more. He knew it may be a higher price but wanted to give real results when it comes to nutritional value in pet food and the ingredients they are ingesting.

When Roger started working with others to make this vision happen, he was asked what type of budget he was working with. He stated that he didn’t have a set budget to put into creating this line of dog food and it didn’t matter to him, he just wanted it done correctly and ethically. As times changed over the last few years, pawTree has needed to increase the prices of their products in order to keep up with inflation and the effects of Covid. This was the only way to keep the best quality food that they continue to provide. Roger Morgan refuses to cut corners and remove ingredients needed because feeding pets the right food is the most important part of the business.

He even took the time to go live on Facebook to explain to consumers and pet lovers why the price increase was necessary.

Of course, many people are grateful for this aspect because he genuinely cares about what goes into a pet’s diet and the pet’s health. They are now ensured that they can fully trust this company and what they stand behind. Because of that, the company continues to grow and reach more people rather than lose customers. This coming January will be the 9th year anniversary, and they are one of the fastest growing companies in America. They have been considered part of Inc 5,000 for the second year in a row, which shows that they are one of the most successful companies in the country. It’s safe to say, if a particular pet food hasn’t gone up in price during this time, it should be concerning. This is because it means they are likely putting the pet’s best interest on the back burner to ensure they make sales.

Roger states that being the mastermind behind a company like this is humbling but also satisfying. That is because of the fact that he has been able to go through many building blocks and learning experiences to be where they are now. He loves that he and his team can truly make an impact on many people and their pets’ lives. He had the vision and surrounded himself with the right people. These people include the home office team, the suppliers, the investors, and the 2,000 pet pros that continue to put their heart and soul into taking part and sharing the vision of this company.

 As an entrepreneur, he was able to see something bigger and knew it could happen even with any obstacle that may have come their way. He knew what he wanted to happen and made sure to push through and find a way through any issue that surfaced. Their vision statement is to “create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive.” The company feels that is very rewarding to see this statement come to life in homes all around and this helps them move forward no matter the circumstances

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The most exciting moments are when they get to hear from the pet families and petPros. Roger himself, loves going to events because that is where they get the most feedback and get to interact with a lot of people. The impact they are leaving on pets and pet lovers is the most rewarding part of the entire company.

In the interview, Roger goes on to share 3 Words of wisdom when it comes to starting and building a business, especially as an entrepreneur.

Tenacity – There will always be obstacles but don’t allow those to stop you. You must progress forward through those obstacles and don’t let them discourage you. 

Relationships – No matter what business you are in, you are in the people business. Everything in life requires people. From the people who create the product, sell the product, purchase the product, and even the investors, they are all people who make up any and all businesses. Developing meaningful and trusting relationships with people is a key element of building a business. 

Vision – Have a big enough vision that can keep you going during hard times. The hard times will indefinitely come but have a big enough vision to help you keep going. Have a vision big enough to attract others to join in, one that you can share, and that is big enough to motivate you and others around you.

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Why pawTree?

We asked Roger, why pawTree? What sets them apart from other pet companies around the world? This was his response.

This company truly takes an uncompromising approach to nutrition. As pet owners and breeders, everyone knows how important it is that we feed our pets a healthy diet. It impacts everyone. It affects the mother of the litter, the offspring, the quantity of the offspring, and the person having to pay vet bills when illnesses arise. It’s like a domino effect in a sort of way and it all starts with the health of a single pet. Not to mention, as pet lovers, we all want our pets to live the longest and healthiest life possible. With pawTree there is no compromise, they understand that a pet’s diet is the most important part of good health.

When your pet is eating high-quality food every day, they can live the best life that you could give them. The foundation of good health in pets is incredible and life changing. This company makes sure not to make a consumer choose between gut health, brain health, etc. Every bag of food covers the pet’s overall health in all areas. There are different amounts of proteins, healthy fats, and such depending on the pet’s size and other needs but everything a dog or cat should be eating is in every bag without adding toxic and unnecessary ingredients.

He goes on to mention that we as humans take supplements and do what we can to be healthy so why would we not also do this for our pets? This makes perfect sense and pawTree took an effort to produce a wide range of nutritional supplements on top of the food that they offer. They work hard to take a proactive approach in dogs’ health.

PawTree offers multiple different dog food blends for different needs, and also provides other supplementary products. The most popular supplement pack they provide is what is called the pawTree Core 4 Kit which addresses nearly 80% of the reasons that people end up taking their pet to the vet in the first place. The four products in this kit pawTree Wild Alaskan Oil, pawTree Joint Support Plus, pawTree Gastro Pro Plus, and pawTree CBD Mega.

The pawTree Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is amazing for skin health, and shedding, but also works at the cellular level in the pet’s body to provide top-tier health and help all the cells to function properly.

The pawTree Joint Support Plus takes a multipurpose approach to joint health. Many joint supplements might only provide certain ingredients for individual effects but this joint product by pawTree has taken a holistic approach and included all of the needed ingredients that work synergistically together so that it attacks the problem from multiple angles rather than just one angle.

PawTree Gastro Pro Plus is a prebiotic digestive enzyme and digestive herb which works to improve gut health. Keep in mind, most pet issues typically stem from the gut and this product helps to keep the gut healthy and functioning well. When the gut is healthy and happy, the pet is happy and healthy.

PawTree CBD Mega is considered, as Roger states, the roof of the house. Think of it as the food is the foundation, the supplements are like the walls and the windows, while the CBD Mega is the roof. This is because it addresses so many systems and helps all body systems perform their overall best.

PawTree has an amazing MLM and commission program. Before starting pawTree, Roger worked with a company that sold products to some of the biggest retailers in the world. He knew he could have sold pawTree products to these big retailers but chose not to. The reason was that he knew from previous experience working with them that they apply a lot of pressure on the cost at which products are sold which leads to the company’s compromising in order to hit the price target. Even when it’s your brand you sometimes must make those compromises to meet the retailer’s desires. With the vision he had, he didn’t want to have to compromise the quality and ingredients, so he decided to sell it directly to the consumer himself.

He chose MLM instead of sole proprietor because many pet people will generally listen to people that they know and trust which is important in building a brand from the ground up. If people can share their own testimony and love for products with others, it’s a great way to build the brand and a great way to get a better-quality product into more hands.

PawTree has independent petPros in various levels, from being a breeder and recommending great products to your puppy buyers, to working on pawTree full time. Either way, you don’t have to understand everything or have all the answers before you join, you can know the basics and learn as you go.

Pawtree is constantly offering their independent petPros all-inclusive cruises, leadership meetings and seminars, and great bonuses and incentives.

In Conclusion

That concluded the interview, but it does not conclude the impact that pawTree is making throughout the country. They are a reputable company that continues to deliver top-tier food formulas that have the pet’s best interest in mind. Whether it be a cat or a dog, there are many options to choose from, many supplements, and other extras that can be a great benefit to them in living a healthy life. It can be difficult to find a pet brand that truly cares for the pet’s well-being and choosing a private company such as pawTree is the first step in doing so. When big retail companies are cutting corners to meet a selling price point, they aren’t able to make the best ingredient choices that work for the pet’s needs. Every company must choose one or the other and thankfully companies such as pawTree are choosing our pet’s health over profit!


To learn how to become an independent petPro and get paid to recommend dog food, reach out to Ivan Lee at 717-687-7492.

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