Myth Buster

Popular Myth:

Crate training is unnecessary and dogs hate crates.

Wrong again! Crate training can be simple and fun, and your dog may actually consider it’s crate a safe place!

#1 Crate Training is easy.

Have a nice roomy crate available in a place where you see it every day. Start your training by tossing a treat into the crate, and encourage your dog to go get it. Once he goes in and out on command, start closing the crate only a few seconds at a time. As your dog becomes more and more comfortable with being in a closed crate, gradually step up the time periods, and make sure to reward the dog or puppy every time.

#2 Your dog should naturally like it’s crate.

Dogs are den animals, and they like and crave the security of a small space like a crate. If you offer your dog or puppy a comfortable, properly sized open crate, you may find them in there during stressful times like a thunderstorm, or in any other stressful situation.

#3 It beats getting lost.

Let’s say you need to leave the house for a few hours, and you don’t trust that your puppy won’t chew the couch apart, or just wander off and get lost. If your puppy is properly crate trained, and you give him a fun toy to play with or a bone to chew while you’re gone, he’s sure to be there when you return. Also, in the case that someone is at your house doing work etc., that person might appreciate the fact that your dog is safely in a crate and out of his or her way.

#4 Travel Safety.

When your headed to the vet, or anywhere else where your dogs is sharing a ride, the safest place for him to be is in a crate. We don’t ride without a seatbelt, and the same safety rules can apply for your dog. Many accidents are created by loose pets, and much too often that pet gets killed upon impact. Also, dogs that are in a crate and can’t see out the window are less likely to get carsick, which we all agree is no fun.


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