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The Advantages of Crating your Dog

As a professional dog trainer and performer with my dogs, the first bit of advice I can give a new dog or puppy owner is the use and importance of crating your dog. In a nut shell, crates save lives. In addition, crate training your pup is the BEST way to speed up the process of “house breaking”. Typically, dogs do not want to void where they eat and/or sleep. (Potty training tips will be featured next issue)

Crating or kenneling your dog is not cruel, mean or distasteful. Think about it, dogs are “den” animals. They like and crave the security of a small space, for instance, a closet or bathtub during a storm or during fireworks.

When you leave your pup at home, don’t set them up for failure by leaving them alone in a locked room or house where they could get into the trash and/or chew on furniture, clothing, floors and walls. Not to mention dangerous items; such as cleaning supplies, sharp objects and electrical cords.

Another important reason to crate train your dog is when you need to transport them to the vet or accompany you on trips to the parks, events or vacations. You would never allow your friends or family members to ride in your vehicle without being in the properly fitted seatbelt or car seat, so why would you have your dog ride free?

There are many advantages to crating your dog in your vehicle or restraining them with a harness and seatbelt. Dogs that get car sick usually do better when they are crated where they are unable to see out the windows. And if your dog does get sick it will be contained within the crate and hopefully not all over your car.

Did you know that many accidents are caused by “loose” pets in a moving vehicle and most of these accidents result in the death of the dog. Dogs not restrained/secured in an accident often survive the initial crash but are ejected or escape from the vehicle, they are terrified and confused and end up being struck and killed by another car. Not to mention, if you are in an accident and the paramedics are unable to reach you because of your dog “protecting” you, the police will not hesitate to remove the threat.

Lastly, another benefit to crating your dog is that they will do better and be comfortable if they ever have to:

  • Stay at the veterinarian hospital
  • Stay at a hotel or family/friend’s house
  • Travel with you to a shelter during severe weather conditions or emergencies.

Written by Gail Mirabella with Dynamo Dogs

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