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Looking for that cute puppy to add to your life? Finding a new puppy should be a fun and exciting experience, but we know it’s not always that easy! We know how daunting it can feel to pore through pages and pages of “puppies for sale” without really knowing who to trust and what to believe.

We at The Dog Journal strive to put the fun back into “puppy picking”! The dog breeders on this site are dedicated to providing an amazing experience, and are rated by our 5-star rating system, which you can see below. This rating system allows you to quickly make educated decisions and choices, and can help to take the stress out of your puppy finding experience.

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Star #1 The breeder is inspected or willing to be inspected, and is in compliance with the state and or USDA (where applicable).

Star #2. The breeder offers a genetic health guarantee of at least one year on any puppies purchased.

Star #3. The breeder does genetic health testing and can answer questions regarding genetic health on his or her breeding stock

Star #4. The breeder has a website or webpage where more information can be found regarding their best breeding practices.

Star #5. The breeder utilizes hip, heart, eye, and additional health testing, and can give you educated health information regarding the puppy you’re interested in.

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As part of our mission for this magazine, we not only want to help dog breeders become elite dog breeders, we also want to give elite dog breeders a platform to showcase what they are doing right. We do not endorse or guarantee any of these dog breeders as reputable, so please use your own discretion when choosing where to buy your next puppy. 

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