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The Changing Landscape

If you wanted to sell your puppies on a listing marketplace, the process used to be simple. You needed a picture of the puppy, a generic description, and your phone number. Then you waited for calls and usually sold your puppies within a week or two.

Written By: Chuck Holt

Breeding and selling puppies has become increasingly difficult due to changes in the puppy selling industry. Breeders are struggling to sell their puppies and are receiving lower prices. To adapt to these changes, breeders must find new strategies to sell their puppies at their desired price. 

So what has changed? For starters the puppy selling industry is facing a huge supply and demand issue, with a large number of puppies available for sale and customers being more selective. One online marketplace currently has almost 800 cavapoo puppies and over 500 goldendoodles listed for sale. This has led to potential customers bargaining more than usual, asking for discounts, additional health guarantees, or other incentives to help them purchase a puppy. 

Another change the puppy industry is experiencing is a shift towards more educated puppy owners who are increasingly doing DNA testing to identify potential genetic issues with their breeds. This trend has become so popular that DNA testing companies are now advertising directly to consumers. 

These recent changes in the puppy selling industry are forcing breeders to step up their game. It’s important for breeders to highlight what sets them apart from the hundreds of other breeders. If they can’t answer why someone should buy from them, they risk selling puppies older and for less money. 

What can breeders do? Breeders should take more ownership in their puppy listings by being selective with their photographer, providing better descriptions, and listing what sets them apart. The industry has seen a cookie cutter approach to puppy listings and the result is that all the photos and descriptions look alike They should also prioritize DNA and genetic testing, as it is necessary in today’s market. Lastly, they should decide on what sets them apart, such as certifications, microchipping, exercise programs, and support on the back end, in order to provide value added benefits. The puppy market landscape has changed, and I do not see it going back to COVID days any time soon. For those who desire to not just survive but want to thrive in this new landscape, this article provides a great starting point for addressing your marketing strategy

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