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In issue 6 of TDJ, you probably saw the great article in the Customer Care, about how important it is send enough with your puppies to their new homes that the new owner feels prepared, all while not overwhelming them with useless products. We decided to do a real-life survey, and actually find out what’s wanted and what’s unnecessary. Around 170 people were surveyed, and the results are below. Here we go!

Written By: The Dog Journal

Question Number 1:

If you bought a new puppy, would you want it microchipped?

165 Yes

26 No

Ok, ok, so definitely an overwhelming percentage of people want their new puppies microchipped!

Question Number 2:

Would you prefer your documents and paperwork in hard copy or digital copy, or both?

113 Both

43 Hard Copy

33 Digital

This one surprised me a bit, I expected to see more people wanting just a digital copy over a hard copy, but it looks like there’s a lot of demand for both.

Question Number 3:

Would you prefer to (A) purchase your own puppy supplies, would you want them (B) included in the price of your new puppy, or would you prefer to order (C) just the supplies you want at an additional cost from the breeder.

120 A

36 B

32 C

Would you believe it? According to this, by far and away, most of your new puppy parents want to buy their own supplies!

Question Number 4:

Choose each of the items that you would ideally like to receive with your new puppy, but wouldn’t pay extra for.

98 puppy registration

98 microchips

94 30-day insurance policy

77 leash and collar

75 30-day supply of dog food

55 treats

50 toys

47 crate

36 training video or classes

So, the participants could check more than one item here, so we don’t know how many items each person chose, but the point here is that per popularity vote, we can get an idea which items are considered mandatory. Check back next month for the last three questions! 

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