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Ten Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Veterinarian

Veterinarians and technicians work hard to give your pets the best life that they can possibly have. This being said, it can be a hard job, and clients can make it even harder! As veterinary professionals, we have all heard things that you should NEVER say to us. Here are some of the ones that are the worst!

Written By: Shelley Wenger 


1. I could never do what you do because I love animals too much!

This is often said during emotional times when dealing with sick patients and euthanasia. They don’t like seeing how we restrain the pets in order to get blood to see what is going on with their pets. They couldn’t imagine putting animals to sleep on a regular basis.

2. You are only in it for the money.

Most people only see their veterinary bills and assume that the employees are well taken care of. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We make very little compared to our counterparts in the human field. In fact, most technicians work multiple jobs in order to live comfortably. Most have husbands, wives, and partners who support them so that they can do the job that they love.

3. You shouldn’t be in veterinary medicine because you don’t care.

This is a commonly heard line, especially since there are fewer veterinarians and technicians to take care of all the pets, which is growing day by day! Our appointments are backed up. Our surgeries are backed up. Trust me, we try to see everyone that we can, but there has to be a limit, and we definitely see more patients every day than we should. We double and triple-book patients into our already crazy schedule. We offer drop-offs so that we can squeeze even more patients in our busy day.

4. Vet medicine is so much more expensive than human medicine.

This is the most infuriating thing that I have ever heard. People often forget about their health insurance when they pay for their medical bills. If not, their bills would be a lot more than their pets. Doctor’s visits are over one hundred dollars. Hospital stays can cost you a few thousand dollars a day, let alone the cost of the surgery! Your hysterectomy is going to cost more than your dog’s spay.

5. This leads to the popular, I should have a wing of the hospital dedicated to me because I have spent so much money here.

Others are quick to say that they should have a dedicated parking spot. Either way, they are complaining about your pricing, which can be infuriating and insulting to the veterinary professionals who are doing everything that they can to help you and your pet.

6. Then, there are the people who prefer to ask their friends on Facebook, breeders, and groomers for advice.

I don’t know when it became popular to ask everyone what you should do for your pet, instead of your veterinarian. People are willing to try all types of strange advice, instead of visiting your veterinary professional!

7. Why don’t you know what is wrong with my pet?

This is usually said by owners who don’t want to spend any money on their pets. Diagnostics, such as blood work and X-rays, may be necessary to figure out exactly what is wrong with your pet. Otherwise, we are just guessing!

8. Then we hear, why isn’t my pet better yet?

Most of the time, this is said after your pet has been having a problem for weeks. One dose of medication isn’t going to help! It is going to take a few days for your pet to feel better. We may also be guessing what is wrong with your pet, and it may take a few tries to find something that will help your pet.

9. Why do I have to bring my dog in again?

This is the same issue that he or she had two years ago! Can’t you just refill the medicine? We understand how busy you are and how your money is precious. However, refilling medication could just be a mistake. It may be the same issue that your pet had in the past. However, it might not be. The medication you used last time could make it worse, not better! We need to look at your pet before prescribing anything.

10. My dog (or cat) would never bite.

This is usually said after a pet has already tried to bite us! The truth is that you really don’t know how your dog or cat is going to react in every situation. Dogs and cats bite when they are scared or in pain. They just might get scared. You just have no way of knowing.

If you want to have a good relationship with your veterinary team, you need to be careful what you say. You may really say something that could upset them, without even thinking about it. You may make a comment about how you couldn’t do their job. You could make a joke about how expensive it is to take care of your pet. You may even say that your dog would NEVER bite anyone, as he or she lunges at the veterinary team!

Shelley Wenger is a certified veterinary technician and has been helping animals have better lives for many years. She is also a dedicated writer, and can be found on Medium and Newsbreak. She is also happy to help others with their blogs and other writing projects. 

She has just started a new venture in designing t-shirts, mugs, totes, and other gifts. You can check out her Zazzle store Designs by Shelley. Many of her designs share her love of dogs, cats, and farm animals. She has also designed other pieces for moms, grandparents, and plenty of baby gifts! When she isn’t working, writing, or designing, she is spending time with her husband and two sons on their hobby farm, with their faithful Border Collie Rosie by their side. They raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, and goats. And no farm is complete without a cat named Jumper.

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